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When They Said...

Let's just start this off by asking ourselves who is the 'they' that people are speaking of?

Secondly, when "they" said you couldn't have it all ... they lied.

I've always struggled with the idea of selecting ONE mentor, because truth be told, I haven't really met any single person who is an entire life goal for me. When I'm coaching or mentoring people, I always encourage them to build their own unique village/tribe of diverse individuals that will inspire them, advise them and hold them accountable. It's also important to recognize that during different phases of your life and career, you'll need to trade a few mentors here and there (a good mentor will never take this personal, in fact they'll encourage your growth even if it means outgrowing them).

I remember having dinner with a peer a few months ago, during which we discussed our career goals and plans etc. I was all over the place fully expecting her to tell me "Honey, you can't do it all" - but instead, she asked me "Whose your personal Board of Directors?" This single question has led me on a quest to truly identify who my PBOD is, beyond my mentors and professional coach. It's an ongoing process, and I'm yet to invite my PBOD to a joint Happy Hour - but they're in my corner, rooting for me and holding me accountable with absolutely ZERO filter.

Here are the 3 top traits I looked for in my PBOD:

  1. Willing to hold me accountable for ALL life decisions

  2. Strong enough to provide me with completely unfiltered feedback (no time for feelings over here)

  3. Technically they have no invested interest in the outcome, other than wanting to see me win

For additional tips on building your PBOD, check out this Forbes article

You'll be happy to hear that two of the members of my PBOD actually encouraged me to get back into blogging! Perhaps you'll see an appearance from a few of them as time goes on.

It's a new season for your life and your career, give yourself the permission to evolve!

With Gratitude,