I came, I saw ...

Rounding up this decade in the best way I know how, out of the country & unplugged. Reflecting on this past decade I definitely lived to work and while the grind is necessary for a season, mine became a habit. I was ON 24/7! Do they have rehab for workaholics?

(Image copyright, @KarenCivil)

In preparation for 2020, I made the difficult but bold choice to take a pause from social media and reflect, Dr’s orders. When you run a business that manages the branding needs of influencers and creatives, you’re bound to take a few L’s when you disconnect from the digital world, but it was necessary. Guess what, we didn’t only survive this season, we thrived! A special thank you to my Pop Up Partners & The Beauty Lab for riding with The Pop Up Labs for the past year and for their patience with the human behind the brand. My last post of the decade is dedicated to you ❤️

Now I’m recharged and ready to take on a new decade with a clear mindset; I’ll be working to live, and not the other way around, and when my spirit tells me to take a pause and disconnect, I’ll proudly bow out and smell the roses.

Last words for the wise:

1. Disconnect; I promise you won’t die!

2. Take a break, count your beautiful blessings this holiday season and be present in the moment;

3. Listen to your spirit; the universe will repay you in gratitude.

So here’s to the end of an amazing year and a fabulous start to the roaring 20’s! We’ll be here slaying consistently from Board Rooms to Happy Hour. I hope you’re ready!

With Gratitude,