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Am I Rooted in Why Part II?

As mentioned in the original post, 'Am I Rooted in Why?' this is turning into a series, mostly because I am on a journey of exploring this question myself, so why not do it together!

This week is Small Business Week, and guess who launched a business this year! I'd always told myself that I'm not an entrepreneur, because frankly the idea of being a business owner terrified me. Fear however, is False Evidence Appearing Real. So I took a leap of faith and here we are, 3 months into me being the CEO of The Pop Up Labs, LLC, and realizing that every no I heard in 2018 was really, a 'not yet' or a 'not this' because clearly the Universe was conspiring in the favor that God has placed on my name.

It honestly feels great to be creating something that is fully aligned with my personal mission statement. As with any journey, there will be high's and low's, however, there is great comfort in knowing that during my busiest seasons of juggling my "9-5" with my "24/7", I am fully immersing myself in being rooted in my why.

What is your Why? Vocalize it, and be prepared to be amazed as the universe conspires to help you achieve it. Because guess what, when you're rooted in why, only good can come from that!

I'll share more details about The Pop Up Labs as we continue this series.

It's time to get rooted in your Why, my friends, let's get comfortable!

With Gratitude,