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I'm Not a Morning Person

Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of engaging with me before 6am will know that I am most definitely not a morning person. The thought of being a functioning member of society before the sun comes out is a foreign concept to me which is why I was astonished this morning when I woke up at 5:30am. The sun was nowhere in sight, and I tried EVERYTHING to go back to sleep and claim my last hour of sleep, but nothing worked. I was wide awake ... at 5:30.

I've read many articles on LinkedIn that analyze the morning routines/habits of highly successful people. Is it just me or do they ALL wake up early:

  • Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) wakes up at 3:45am

  • Bill Gates wakes up at 4am

  • Sallie Krawcheck (Founder of Ellevest) wakes up at 4 am

  • Martha Stewart wakes up at 5am

  • Anna Wintour is playing tennis by 5:45am

  • Oprah wakes up between 6:02am and 6:20am

On behalf of all millennials who enjoy sleep as much as I do, please someone, make it make sense! Of course I want to be successful, but does this mean I need to sacrifice my sleep? Can I be just as successful being a night owl?

When I realized, sleep was no longer an option for me this morning, I figured I would make the most of my extra time. For perspective; my alarm typically goes off at 6:30am...I snooze it until about 7am and then with one eye open (because in my head I'm still asleep), I toggle between the Bible app, emails, my outlook calendar, and let's be honest, Instagram until about 7:30am. Then my 7:30am alarm goes off and I drag myself out of bed, take care of Bella Sky (my Frenchie) and get ready for my day. Today, I basically had a 2 hour head start, it was fascinating! I spent less than 2 minutes on Instagram because I wanted to make the most of my new found time and did some strategic brainstorming while out for a morning walk with Bella.

As much as I am a night owl, I'm typically exhausted by the end of the day to do anything but wind (or wine) down. Those extra 2 hours were a big deal, it's a game changer; I had more time to think about what I'm now categorizing as, "the things that highly successful people think about while the rest of us are deep in our REM sleep cycle". I'm going to try setting my alarm a little earlier for the next few days to see what else I'm able to accomplish before I start my day. I'll keep you posted.

Despite having a very productive morning the day after a very un-eventful and underwhelming Super Bowl Sunday, I am still not claiming to be a morning person, so we'll see how long this lasts. But I am excited! I'm also comforted to know that Warren Buffet wakes up at 6:45am and Elon Musk, the homie, wakes up at 7am. There's still hope!

- With Gratitude,