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My Forever First Lady

Dr. A is back! It's been a few weeks since my last post ... but I'm here!

For those of you following me on Instagram @dr.abebi, you'll notice that March is quickly joining the list as one of my favorite months of the year! The first reason being, it's my mother's birthday month, aka my personal hero, bka the original Dr. Abebi. The second reason being, February is finally OVER! And the third reason being, it's Women's History Month! Yay!

I don't know about the rest of you, but January and February really gave me a run for my money. I faced a pretty traumatic health scare that turned my world upside down, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't focus and I was hardly functioning at my usual capacity, however to God all the Glory I made it through! During those months, I spent a lot of time praying, reading and reflecting.

As someone who is always on the go, all in the name of being a strong, independent woman, it felt really good to kick back at the end of each day and fall into the world of my Forever First Lady, Michelle Obama, as I read 'Becoming'. I can typically lose myself in a book, but many stories she shared hit too close to home. Personally, I experienced the process of 'Becoming Dr. A' while reading the book. I found myself applying some of Michelles' practices into my own life, such as her reliance on her sisterhood. During this difficult season in my life, instead of retreating, I called my best friends and shared my fears with them. I cried on the phone with some of them, I fasted and prayed with others, and one even took the day off work to join me at my doctors appointment. Thank you! I appreciate each of you more than you know!

Not only did 'Becoming' help me through a difficult season, but it also inspired and prepared me for my season of favor! I often talk about God putting my 'broken' pieces together like precious stones, and how beautiful the process of healing can truly be. While all of that is true, I'm beginning to understand that there is a greater purpose to each season I go through, it's not just about me anymore, it actually never was! As we acknowledge Women's History Month, it's clear that I'm not the first woman to go through a tough season, and as we all know, I won't be the last. This gentle reminder, as I sat in a pool of tears and fear, was a humbling wake up call for me.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to walk among giants and to sit at tables that I didn't even know existed when I was a child. I often speak about the social responsibility aspect to the work that I do. Recognizing my role as a young, African, female leader in my field, not only am I responsible for being a role model to my younger siblings, but I am also responsible for creating opportunities for the generations behind me.

Michelle Obama reminded me of this, as she wrote:

"If I was the first at some of these things, I wanted to make sure that in the end I wasn't the only - that others were coming up behind me"

(Excerpt taken from Becoming)

I'm still on this journey of Becoming ... and right now, my focus is on genuinely Becoming Better at what I do and how I walk through life, not just for myself, but for those coming up behind me. So let's just say, the next time I hit a season of lows, I'll make the choice with intent to go high; because ladies, we've got a lot of work to do!

- With Gratitude,