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Am I Rooted in WHY?

Disclaimer: this post is likely going to lead into a series, so grab a cup of coffee and we'll see where we go with this!

Writing to you all from Denver this week, where I've had the opportunity to spend 10 days working with serial entrepreneurs as we explore potential solutions to some major health-related issues impacting the nation. A major component to this process has been really understanding the personal mission statements and vision alignments for these entrepreneurs, I've reflected on this in prior posts. GENIUS!

This past Sunday, I attended service at The Potters House, Denver, where Pastor Touré Roberts reflected on the importance of being aligned with the bigger picture of your life. This had me thinking more about the work that I do, and what I'm currently giving my energy to. Is the return on investment adding value to my personal mission statement or is it subtracting value?

It's been a hectic travel season for me, which has forced me to be much more selective and intentional with my time as I'm approaching unhealthily high levels of brain fatigue. As I've reflected on who/what is draining my knowledge it tends to be requests to 'pick my brain' for topics that are completely misaligned with my personal mission statement.

My brain is tired! HOW DID I GET HERE?!?!

So, where do we go from here?

How is everyone protecting the integrity of their personal mission statement? Stay tuned for my continued exploration of this.

With Gratitude,